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Founding CTF

About us

The Beginning

CTF was founded by Fred Durnford and Geoff Warr, after they faced substantial lead time delays for technical furniture when delivering a fast track control room project for one of the World’s leading real estate developers. Realizing that the nature of business in the region didn’t fit with the typical 8 -10 week lead time for quality technical furniture and consoles, they decided to set up a state of the art in-country manufacturing facility in Dubai Investment Park.

Tailored Solutions For You

One of the only specialized production facilities in the gulf, with esteemed in-house designers and engineers, CTF occupied a void in the market to deliver the required products on time and locally made.

Imported consoles were hit with further supply chain disruptions following the pandemic, resulting in part order delivery and even self-assembly on arrival. These factors further bolstered CTF’s rise as the complete production infrastructure could be handled in-house from the Dubai Investment Park location.

The Growth.

  • IGW Metal is formed to support the System Integration Business.
  • CTF launch their reputed MKI Console.
  • We added painting booths and additional manufacturing equipment.
  • Our MKII Console is released.
  • Surveillance mounting and housing division opens.
  • Our MKIII Console supersedes the MKII.
  • Our Installation team develops to cater to growing on-site requirements.
  • Our 100th Console rolls off the production line.
  • CTF Holding is formed to hold the Groups interests.
  • We launch the UAE class of Consoles.
Meet CTF

Influential and Impactful.

Pioneering design drives us to create bespoke pieces suited to all manner of request, with an eye on how design can impact production times we strive to deliver the most stylish, robust and timely products found anywhere in the GCC.

This launched us into the premiership of console manufacturing, now into our third MKIII version, we first installed “U Class” at Expo 2020 and it has been our best-selling product to date.
The A Class shows the latest developments in our way of thinking and provides operators with the best possible environment to deliver their job. This console includes wireless charging pads, adjustable height options and a ultramodern minimalist design.
E Class is the standard for small to medium enterprises, a very capable console where footprint is an issue and there isn’t a requirement to house a large number of workstations.
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