The new and redesigned MKIII console, this console is special to us, it was the console that launched us into the premiership of console manufacturing. First installed at Expo 2020, it has been our best seller for the past 3 years.

The A Class is the ultimate console experience; it shows the latest developments in our way of thinking and provide operators with the best possible environment to deliver their job. This console include wireless charging pads, adjustable height options and a minimalist design.

The standard for small to medium enterprises, a very capable console where footprint is an issue and there isn’t a requirement to house a large number of workstations.


Video wall stands are required wherever monitors are to be mounted without a supporting wall.

CTF’s range of monitor stands incorporate cable management with heat dissipation management whilist providing a strong frame to mount the panels safely.


Meeting rooms are spaces that are designed for people to be able to collaborate and share ideas freely.

CTF’s range of meeting room furniture is designed to provide an ergonomic environment for people to meet in.


Chairs are as important as the consoles as operator comfort is paramount.

With that in mind we have a range of chairs with back and neck support from leading brands to suit every budget.

In addition to that we have matching workstation & server cabinets and printer stations that match your consoles so that you have a consistent look and feel.